Monday, May 31, 2010

Nominations Close Midnight Tonight

Nominations close at midnight tonight for the Air New Zealand Best Blog Award**.
After communicating with the Judges the process will now be as follows:
1. Self-nominations with four links will all be sent to the Judges. This allows lesser known blogs to have an increased chance of exposure. All nominees will be posted on this site.
2. The Judges if they wish may nominate one wildcard entry each from the Tumeke top 20 rankings of a blog that has not self-nominated.
3. Each Judge will pick a short list of three finalists.
4. Judges will enter into cordial discussion to get a top three if it is not clear at this point.
5. Three finalists will be named including the winner on 10th July 2010. A summary of their Judging (if they wish) from each Judge along with any special mentions may be submitted for disclosure on this site.

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