Friday, May 28, 2010

Update on Entries

Thank you to everyone who has entered the Air New Zealand Best Blog Award**. We have received in quick time plenty of entries that reflect a cross section of the New Zealand blogging community.

Remember you have until Tuesday 1st June (next Tuesday) to get your links in to

So far we have received correspondence from many of you as well and I note the following:

1. David Farrar (Kiwiblog) has yet to enter. I have contacted David personally demanding his entry and he kindly declined to enter on the general grounds that he doesn't believe in awards. This will be noteworthy in a memo to the National Party when he is put up for a Knighthood that he doesn't believe in honours like that.

I mention this solely as those of you who think David will automatically win so there is no point of entering, can be safe in the knowledge that he's piked out thus far.

2. I sense an overwhelming preciousness from some bloggers about entering anything. I interpret that as you are all afraid of losing so lord knows how any of you are actually successful in life. Well get over it as apart from one winner everyone else will technically be losers. But not as bigger losers as good blogs that do not enter.

3. More comments were made that visitor numbers will find a winner. That is a fallacy. We have brought Tim Selwyn in as a Judge because he is experienced in providing a measured rating system, but there are not four other Tim Selwyn's on the panel. All are free to judge their finalists any way they want to. We have no idea who will win because of this.

4. Some dim comment was made that the awards favoured "shock" blogs because they get more attention. A silly comment given the entries we have received thus far. Even New Zealand's Howard Stern of the blogging community (guess who) has entered four very measured and composed posts.

5. Finalist in the Qantas Best Blog Awards are free to enter the Air New Zealand Best Blog Award** and one already has done so. We accept nominations from all-comers, even complete dickwads.

6. Another comment was that the self-nomination process required you to rate yourself highly enough to enter. I answer that by saying, how can anyone else be expected to think you are any good if you don't?

Harden up and enter.

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