Qantas Jokes - The Sky Bed

Try sleeping on that folks!  The natural seating position sloping all that lovely blood to your feet.   Marvellous for the prevention of DVT and other ailments such as puffy ankles and leg pains. 

Wake in the middle of the night to find you have slid half way down the bed and the dodgy bloke next to you has his smelly arms all over you.  Little wonder this woman is seated bolt upright, she just doesn't want to lie down for fear of what happens next.  Come on lets face it, you might as well be in economy.

We don't wish to explain the lack of privacy for those moments when the cabin is too hot and you need to remove clothing, or alternatively attempting admission to the mile-high club.

And all for the same price as other airlines (cough, cough) that provide a true flat bed and are (cough, cough) upgrading their fleet in a few months.

Little wonder business people groan at the prospect of flying Qantas Business Class and contemplate if indeed they have any future at a company that puts them through such unpleasantness in earning a buck for their employer.