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Judges Comments - Bomber "SiCow" Bradbury

1: Dimpost

2: No Right Turn

3: Cactus Kate


His unabashed plans to allow thousands of sick to die from his own alternative to Obama's health plan would have made Stalin blush. Good blog on ACC , excellent critique of TVNZ broadcasting standards. His Ayn Rand fantasy story in Zork needs to remain as private bed time reading however.

Harpus Bizarre:
Mildly amusing. Comedy for coma patients at first glance, but martial arts story was aggressively funny. Seems to date guys who play Xbox too much (very funny post on that), I liked making dogs eat light bulbs.

Genius - so very, very funny! Simply one of the best in the NZ Blogosphere. Cutting, brilliant, political satire at its best. Consider my hat tipped in your general area in the only act of respect I will give any other blogger.

CJ Lambert:
Intelligent and insightful minus the abuse, it doesn't seem like a blog at all. The debate on Twitter copyright was very well reasoned out. The launch of John Banks website is one of the top 10 posts this year. The critique of Burger King is funny but the last link didn't work.

Best line "Scientists at CERN are reported to be "slightly annoyed but mainly overjoyed" at the discovery. " Good post on sniffer dogs and Iran elections. Genius renaming of Key's BFF, Peter Gluckman as Brofessor.

None of the links worked. Too bad, I've got 30-odd other sites to read. If you can't link properly you probably shouldn't be blogging.

Sport Review
I hate sports but like this site, I had no idea how many niche blogs bitching about advertising agencies directions on certain products were available in NZ! The sports stalking is very funny. The spoiler alert for a 1999 film was clever, this is another top 10 post. Vettori axing himself however was just wishful thinking.

In A Strange Land
And what a delightfully strange land it is, I am glad I'm visiting and not staying. The 'most men are rapists' blog (I'm paraphrasing) was a sobering blog and a bit of a downer. The graph of the 'consent continuum' (I swear I am not joking), must be seen to be believed. Very well argued and intelligent post on not belting your kids, excellent critique of the old boys network (although I am highly amused the writer seems to think anyone listens to Simon Upton). I don't care about making jam.

Media Darlings
OOOOOOOOh they are sharp aren't they? Very good demolition of ACT on campus, good chase on National's support of VSM, and excellent post on academic freedom. If this is the future of our news rooms, things are not as bad as they seem.

Oswald Bastable
Ummmmm how do I put this into polite language? His desire to keep prisoners from having any property whatsoever without any hint of humour seems more hate site than blog. His description of the National Party as Socialist for offering to fly relatives of those who died in the Erebus crash suggests some type of addiction to pain killers mixed with vodka. I'm looking at his 3rd link and I'm not sure 14 words technically amounts to a post, maybe a text message, and Osawald's defence of vigilantes in Hazard County Martinborough comes across a little grand cyclops for my liking.

Cactus Kate
Damn her to hell, but the woman writes a good blog. Most of the time reading her is akin to drinking lemon juice after being forced to swallow razor blades, but her critique of NZX is the sort of intelligent investigative journalism Metro would be printing if they weren't so shit now. She is good, very good and one of the few who are critically blogging on the financial giants of NZ.

First link didn't work, sadly the second one did. Thieving scum is what jumps out at me most, hate him or really hate him, Cameron is the ultimate right wing blogger: offensive, evil and often secretly sourced by the msm who never admit it. His denigration post against, 'Veteran Maori Trougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook' would be funny if you thought Cameron was joking. His mix of vicious satire and political insight are however a devastating combination, as Veteran Maori Trougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook can attest. I hope Cameron at least invoiced big tobacco for his last story.

Wine Vault
I don't care about wine and I care less about Oliver Driver.

UnPC Lesbian
A lesbian who loves to be UnPC? Yep, this is going to be 10 minutes of my life I'm never getting back, It's like reading a black racist spout on about how bad non white people are. The first post on NCEA barely seems to be a post, more a whinge. Next post is another whinge about how much money IRD wanted to give her, next post is some fantasy she has for someone called Jillian Michaels and how large her hands are and the final post was about having sex with a boy with all her criticisms listed afterwards. Yep, 10 minutes of my life I'm never getting back, I'm angry at Penthouse for making me think lesbians were so much more interesting than this.

Simon Pound
Well at least his blogs are better than the Ad Show.

Auckland Trains
As much as I love to bitch about public transport, no one does it better and with more viscous humour than Tim Selwyn, these posts are a shallow comparison. Public transport humour needs to be as sharp as the resentment it creates, this has it's moments, i liked the bike protest blog.

Quote Unquote
It is humbling to even be allowed the great man's blog. CK Stead is an incredible literary mind, the NZ blogosphere is lucky to have him.

Ben Gracewood
Bitching about a weetbix competition? Blogging a promotion advertorial for a Mercedes E Class? The sage discussions of children on the cost of 2 minute noodles? Wasn't Ben Gracewood a finalist in the bullshit Qantas awards? He was shit then and he's shit now. He is painful to the art of blogging.

Jo Blogs
This is actually a VERY funny and VERY clever blog.I never thought a review of Top Model could be so bloody funny. Office face is a take on smile face (Yes I think I saw that same CNN story) and how the recession would change movie plot lines is original and wonderful. A top 10 post.

Offsetting Behaviour
Really good technical blog on Inuit design (seriously). His defence of sweat shops was amusing, I'm surprised he included such a debunked critique of BERL's harm of alcohol which BERL responded to by claiming 1) it misinterprets the study’s brief and, on this basis, employs an inappropriate framework for its analysis, 2) makes some simple, factual errors about our method and the information used and 3) uses assumptions with a cost-deflating bias, reflecting their own world view. His post on ticket scalping was genuinely fascinating, top 10 post.

Ozy Mandias
The Mills and boon romance novel is pure brilliance, best line "his chest rising and falling with the regularity of an Aussie scrum. The bed sheets loosely hung around his waist, exposing both his rock hard abs and his Webb Ellis Trophy, as Stacy affectionately called it.". The obesity epidemic "Currently we rank behind Mexico and the United States. I believe with a concerted effort and more swine flu cases Mexico is definitely within our sights." His desire to catch swine flu is admirable and his application to NZ cricket for the coaching job sounded reasonable. Impressive blog.

This is the 'most males rape blog' referred to in In A Strange Land blog, it's amazing how commuting can lead to the conclusion that most of the other gender sexually force rape. I think we need to start handing out board games or reading material during commutes if this is the remarkable conclusions some are reaching. Excellent critique of the bitter left and their Maori bashing (that said the Maori Party certainly deserve bashing), high brow smart humour with the Bennett post on privacy and a very interesting post on asian values.

Waitakere News
You forget how important trees are, I'm glad I read a blog on them. Good use of making reference of me in a blog on those dumb pro smacking clowns, nice post on David Farrar's position on Palestine and excellent critique of the attacks on legal aid.

Lisa Lewis
She writes blogs as well? Damn. The first one is a solid steak and three vege opinion piece on getting tough on crime while cheerleading Whaleoil complete with Oprah Winfrey, "I too have been abused" confessional. Lisa moves onto a blog about how big her breasts are, and how much she loves them being big. Her third blog is why she didn't decide not to prize fight another woman from a similar themed naked news TV brand and her fourth blog was about losing her virginity. Was her blog called the Vagina monologues by any chance?

Phil U
Phil is the 'Mad as hell and I'm not taking it anymore' kinda blogger. His frenetic machine gun musings on the ills of a world gone mad are a soul preserving antidote to the banality of so much that passes as opinion. His 'but Helen is at the UN' is a joy.

Keeping Stock
I didn't get the point of the first post at all. Second post was about gay people bleating about homophobia, the third is an embarrassing 'memo to John Key' begging him to legalize beating kids and the fourth one is about a soccer game. There was a mention in the fourth post about retiring from blogging. That was the best bit of the four posts.

The Linesman
So much effort and so little reward, it's like 7 days on TV3 without the constant dick jokes.

Really intelligent review of Green Party leadership and the challenges it confronts. Interesting review of Sue Bradford and the liberation post exploring neoliberalism and identity politics was fascinating. Academically well expressed and well researched, very good blog.

Not PC
How much can one person write about leaking houses and still conclude the free market works best? I may disagree with what Not PC says but I will certainly defend his right to blog about it on a site I don't ever have to visit. Ever. His second post is an attack on Journalists and sounded reasonable right up until he started referring to the tea party as "400,000 Americans taking up pro-freedom signs against their government". Hilarious, but I don't think he meant it to be. His post on punk is annoying in it's attempt to claim the entire genre in the name of Ayn Rand, best line, "Punk erupted at the fag end of Britain's failed thirty-year post-war experiment with socialism". I love how everything is the fault of socialism, did he submit his blog about the fall of the Berlin Wall? That post eclipses 'War and Peace' by 120 000 more words. His fourth post however is moneyshot gold, here Not PC declares we should give war a chance and let's rally the troops for having the guts to go into battle (mainly against Socialism I suspect). ANZAC day should be about honouring the soldier (not regretting the loss of life and questioning the insanity of throwing so many of our young people into war mind you). The perfect eye rolling moment? This line, "Take time today to remember those who lost it all for your freedom. They did more for peace than anyone who protests for it ever has."

Home Paddock
Luke warm weak soup for starters on the need to set up an awards for blogging, crappy entree that turns out to have been horribly wrong as the Labour Party have used the Maori Party's connection with the Emission Trading Scam to good political effect, the mains is a shitty 67 word thing about how cold it is and the desert is a bitter and petty attack on Helen Clark for being awarded the member of the Order of NZ. Jesus some people hate Helen don't they? I will not dine at this site again.

A blog about motels? NO WAY? I'm so in. Let's see, fascinating blog about tourism accreditation, one about hotel owners and their rights to ban an entire town, 3rd blog is about dodgy Aussia hotel scams and the 4th is about travel guides. I never thought there could be so many issues in hotels - I think I may become a secret fan of this site.

No Right Turn
He is simply the best referenced left wing blogger in NZ. Brilliant critique of urgency, original, well researched work on climate change, defence of political philosophy and values in the third post and his attack on Labour is sharp.

Hot Topic
One of the most highly regarded climate change blogs with many of the major proponents pro and against climate change arguing on site.

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  1. Thanks for your informative comments. My web host (lunarpages) was subject to a DNS attack which meant my site was down for 24 hours over Queens Birthday weekend. Unfortunately this must have been when most of the judges were trying to view it. The only one who viewed my site outside of this spam attack, rated it number 1.

    Que sera, sera..

    Selwyn Nogood

  2. NZ Bloggers UnionJune 11, 2010 at 9:43 PM

    To be fair Selwyn, the other Judges knew of your site beforehand.