Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Judges Comments - Hooton, Simich & Cunliffe

Matthew Hooton

1. Cactus Kate – because she led research into and contributed to change in the Commerce Commission, one of the most important regulatory bodies in New Zealand
2. In a Strange Land – because it’s intelligent, thoughtful and challenging, as well as being well written and well presented so its easy to read, even if you disagree with it
3. DimPost – because it really is uniquely funny

Ricardo Simich

Dear NZBU,

What a tonic going through the topics of last year has been over the Queen's Birthday weekend. My wildcard was Kiwiblog – but I agree if you do not make the effort to nominate yourself – you are out of contention.

I found there are only 15 Blogs that truly serve the criteria, which I utilized – after those it came down to my judgment of blogs on relevant news stories, bloggers that entertained, informed and dug a little deeper than just commenting, hence putting their blogging balls on the line. My top 3 were:

Cactus Kate



The next would be

Dimpost - I am a fan of this type of writing and it is lacking in print.

To help you bring the other judges decisions together I have 3 highly commended blogs – my 4th choice was of a different style to my top 3, so the below highly commended blog sites would be to help a decision if anyone of them has made the other judges top 3. In order of preference.

The Standard: which surprisingly nudged out Kiwipolitico with more meat in its wit?
Keeping stock:

I would liked to have included a favourite blog, which I have been directing many friends to, ‘Lisa Lewis losing her virginity’, great writing!

However, I take these awards seriously and see them coming back next year – I hope all of the above attract advertisers and sponsors as they all gave me new insight and were much more interesting than similar watered down stories and writers in print.

Regan Cunliffe

1: Kiwianarama
3: No Right Turn

Special Mentions:'s Sanitarium post - brilliant example of calling out bad PR resulting in the situation being addressed

Highly recommended:

harpur's bizarre - incredibly entertaining reading

Overall comment:

The New Zealand blogosphere is undoubtedly in good health based on the entries in the Air New Zealand Blog Awards with outstanding content from across the genres. Selecting three finalists was a difficult decision, made so thanks to some exceptional writing, research and insight.

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