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Judges Comments - Tim "Randy Jackson" Selwyn


1. Cactus Kate
2. Dim Post
3. Not PC

***Recommendations at bottom
Comments: Medical expertise, topical issues and research put in concise language makes for some solid material. The dose of right wing ideology that comes with it is enough to provide a sharp edge to keep it interesting.

Harpurs Bizarre
Comments: "Horrific use of wordplay" - yip. "possibly the biggest misdirection of energy I have seen in my long, soul searching, wisdom gathering 27 years on Planet Earth" - she should come back in another 27 years when her wisdom might have allowed her to write something worth reading.

Comments: Ludicrous meets sarcastic with moments of the sublime. Whimsical without being lame - a very rare ability. Some very weighty issues treated with a refreshing disregard for blogging conventions.

CJ Lambert
Comments: NOT 2009 - all 2010, ineligible.

Comments: A decent mix of liberalism, or a liberal mix of decency - perhaps both. The humour has its moments, but ironically the style in these posts - in this day and age and in this medium - are not really that Gonzo at all.


Comments: ERROR 404 - there's no way to access the posts. Going on the two sentences viewable for each post in the "More shit" column, perhaps they are?

Sport Review

Comments: Blokey mix of sarcasm and profanity. Amusing, entertaining and enjoyable - the only problem being it's about sports... and I hate fucking sports.

In A Strange Land
Comments: Well written and thoughtful, and very, very female. The post on why men who whinge their girlfriends into having sex are rapists is a classic feminist piece as is the anti-smacking post; the mediocrity of NZ, and how to make Quince jelly, less so.

Media Darlings
Comments: Earnest, researched, sober - and being about tertiary education, very dull. Striking an almost neutral pose it reads more like a policy journal than a blog.

Oswald Bastable
Comments: Channeling our (inner) misanthropic, angry, ultra-right wing great uncle. I don't know if it's supposed to be funny exactly, but it is. While many others attempting the angry-old-man genre resort to lengthy rants, he keeps it punchy, succinct and always shoots from the hip - usually aiming at the groin.

Cactus Kate
Comments:. Persuasive and exhaustive critiques of financial systems and fearless business journalism make up a formidable blog portfolio (But what about the rest of her stuff!?) The NZX/SecCom thrashing was brutal - as was the thorough whipping of DML in the DHBs/Labtests contract tender dispute.

Comments: The 3 posts are more like No Right Turn than Cameron Slater - so they are not really representative of Whaleoil at all... they are actually researched and perform a public service... WTF!? Something of a case study in how to stretch out a single OIA into a whole campaign. Nice work.

Wine Vault
Comments: It's video clips and so it's not a blog - ineligible. They might as well have been links to You Tube (and the video threatened to spazz out the computer too).

UnPC Lesbian
Comments: Smutty old lesbo. Some variety in the posts provides a quim of interest, but the only going down on her she'll get from this 36 year old male is going to be of my opinion. Keep the curtains closed FFS.

Simon Pound
Comments: Too many words, not enough research. Almost naive in parts. Muldoon was elected in '75 not '76 - everything after that was even lighter on facts - and quickly became repetitive.

Auckland Trains
Comments: Harrowing and infuriating real-life adventures of someone marooned in the Escher-esque madhouse of the utterly dysfunctional Auckland suburban train system makes for compelling reading. As activist/observer the commentary and his many pictures will be of historical and academic value.

Quote Unquote
Comments: Informed writer and an informative blog. The literary topics were generally accessible (to this non-literary reader) and the writing crisp.

Ben Gracewood
Comments: Not so much boingboing as boringboring. I had taken a quickeeze and was farting a bit when I read these tedious posts - and discovered my farts proved more relevant, and considerably more interesting than anything I read here.

Jo Blogs
Comments: Inspired fashion commentary and accent analysis bordering on poo-fucktion, but the topics skirt off to the frivolous and find themselves wedged between the cheeks of the prosaic.

Offsetting Behaviour
Comments: Some fascinating discourses - as much for the aloof economist-cum-robot perspective than the dry mechanics of the argument itself. The defence of sweatshops was disturbingly compelling. The reason for not supporting murder - "I care about the external costs. " - less so.

Ozy Mandias
Comments: Occasional flare mired by wordiness and sports fixation.

Comments: Worldly and serious political analysis from credible left wing commentators. A good mix of subjects, handled in an academic fashion... but there's nothing like re-packaging the all-men-are-rapists topic (in layers of feminist assertions and then leaving it all open-ended) to score a few comments.

Waitakere News
Comments: Solid, sober liberal/left commentary on the usual menu of liberal/left issues. Thoughtful, but not particularly gripping.

Lisa Lewis
Comments: Unreadable self-absorbed vanity - could scarcely be more hideous. Would give Emma Hart (Public Address) a run for her money for the most gratuitous over-use of personal pronouns in a blog - quite some feat. Everything that is wrong with 'typical' female blogging: I, I, I, me, me, me. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Phil U
Comments: A stream of unconsciousness. If you read it like Sam Hunt was reading aloud one of his poems it makes it a lot easier to persist with what is essentially a ticker-tape of disjointed rambling shit dribble.

Keeping Stock
Comments: Subdued, pale and grey - in content, style and personality. Appealing to the same audience that reads the sodden newsprint of a free paper pulled from the letterbox on a rainy day: only the elderly would bother.

The Linesman

Comments: Thin. The images were the real weak point - as none of the drawings looked like their subjects - which is a problem because there wasn't any text to accompany them. If a line had to be drawn anywhere it would be right through this nomination - go back to your day job.

Comments: Pol Sci essays - right down to the footnotes - making for stodgy, slow reading from which I was easily distracted. Points off for using banal quotes from establishment rightists (esp. David Farrar) as if they had any serious value in this type of discussion.

Not PC
UPDATE 1: Why do so many journalists blog, despite their apparent opposition to the concept? Simple, says one journalist cum blogger: "there’s a part of me that loves blogging because you’re allowed to break the journalism rules."
Comments: Classy pieces of writing marred only by the inevitable uncritical quotion of Ayn Rand - as if it were Bilblical scripture - rendering a few parts more sermon than secular commentary. Fortunately the libertarian karakia is transcended by solid and lucid prose, including an excellent exposé of the leaky building issue.

Home Paddock
Comments: It's a farmer's attempt to be angry at things - and it ends up sounding like a slightly mild gripe in the form of a polite letter to the editor of the Geraldine Advertiser. Like listening to a mildly middle of the road rural radio station, Mantovani FM - available only in mono - and only in the Mainland, sponsored by a brand of sleeping pill for the elderly.

Comments: Firstly, what a shit website. Secondly, this is just a series of motel industry memos. Thirdly, what a shit website - who puts an annoying jumping cartoon in their own sidebar? Like trying to sleep with a flashing, buzzing 'No Vacancy' sign right outside your window.

No Right Turn
Comments: Conscientious, solid, researched, thorough. Reactionary self-identifying 'proper' leftist with a well cultivated claim to some form of leadership, even if the chosen posts are straw men targets (great digs at David Farrar and Guyon Espiner nonetheless).

The Standard

Comments: Snarky and somewhat hacking in tone the Labour/Unionist line is held taut by anon party shock troops who can cut through Tory spin with ruthless precision. The view from one side of a great relentless maul of a political street brawl - with David Farrar's Kiwiblog as the always present (if sometimes unmentioned) opponent.

Hot Topic
Comments: Stinging, blistering attack on Ian Wishart - talk about scorched Earth! A combination of endless science and constant politics makes for some lengthy posts that often veer to the polemical in order to answer the skeptic/'denier' enemy - an angle however suited to blogging and probably the most palatable way to explore the debate.

Comments: Righteous, leftist, feminist anger in measured terms. The problem with the sort of female blogging (and writing) typified here is that it's all: I, I, I, me, me, me. It is as if the only way anything can be explained or analysed is by having the author insert themselves into every aspect - so unnecessary and such a detraction to otherwise meaty opinion pieces - fuck I HATE that style.

*** NOTE: Sorry, couldn't be arsed trawling through everyone's posts to nominate anyone as a wild-card.

Some other suggestions for nominations to a short-list of special mentions:

(series of posts exposing, critiquing, investigating or promoting a single issue)
Not PC - Leaky Buildings
Cactus Kate - NZX/Securities Commission
Whaleoil - Te Reo Marama

(quality of comments left on a post in particular or posts in general)
Kiwipolitico - Rape

(spoof or other humorous postings generally)
Dim Post - Waiting for Voter
Dim Post - Goose
Gonzo - LMNO Key or Higgs Boson (which I just didn't get).

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